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Power, Authority And Protection Bundle
Power, Authority And Protection Bundle
Power, Authority And Protection Bundle
Power, Authority And Protection Bundle
Power, Authority And Protection Bundle

Power, Authority And Protection Bundle

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Have you ever felt that you have already done all you can but you still cannot get the power, respect and authority you deserve? 

Some people told me that respect, power and authority is not given, it is earned. Well guess what, I was working hard and doing everything I can... but things just didn't seem to go my way. 

And then I see some of my friends who are pretty much doing nothing, but people around them are respecting them like heroes... They have a certain aura that command respect even though when you dive deep and analyze it, they really have accomplished nothing much.

I was like "What?! Life is so unfair..."

The truth is... Life isn't unfair. While it's important to work hard and earn respect, power and protection, there are certain areas of life that most people don't understand.

Some people call it luck...

Some call it Feng Shui...

Some call it aura...

Some call it energy...

If you simply work hard and earn respect, you may get power and authority some day if you stay with it for many years. But depending on your default aura, you may be living life on "hard" difficulty level. 

For those of you who like the challenge of living life on "hard" difficulty level, good for you!

But, for those of us who want to live life on "easy" mode, and actually get power, authority and protection, lots of them... Or at least get results from your input...  This bundle is for you.

If this is you, then you need to cleanse your aura, correct your energy, create good Feng Shui around you and improve your luck... When these are done right, power, authority and protection will chase you instead of you chasing them.

Now you understand why some people's lives are filled with power, authority and protection without them having to put in much work.

The truth is that it is extremely rare that people are born with such good aura, Feng Shui, energy or luck. Some people are born with the right combination, but for the 99.9% of us, we need to take control and adjust them to make our lives easier, and let power, authority and protection chase us!

If you're wondering how to adjust your aura, correct your energy, create good Feng Shui around you and improve your luck to eventually attract power, authority and protection to your life, this bundle is perfectly designed for you.

This Power, Authority And Protection Bundle touches all points in your life that requires correcting and adjustments without you having to go into detail what you should do to live life on "easy" mode. We have already done all the work for you and present to you this Power, Authority And Protection Bundle. All you have to do is to order this bundle and use the items. With this bundle, not only is power, authority and protection possible, it is expected with full confidence.

What's Included In The Power, Authority And Protection Bundle:

  • Lucky Pixiu Gold Ingot Wealth Ring (Value: $50)
  • Natural Gold Obsidian Double Pi Yao Wealth Bracelet (Value: $50)
  • Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet (Value: $50)
  • Tiger Eye Protection Bracelet (Value: $50)
  • Obsidian Yin Yang Necklace (Value $50)

If you order today, these FREE bonuses will be included in your Power, Authority And Protection Bundle:

  • Specialized Power, Authority And Protection Reiki And Mantra Infused (Value: $25) - While your pieces are being made, the makers recite powerful power, authority and protection mantras as they handcraft your pieces. After that, holy monks come in and add powerful power, authority and protection blessings, enhancing and multiplying the effects of your pieces with more energy.
  • Lifetime Warranty (Value: $25) - If your product is damaged, you can exchange it for a new one.

The Power, Authority And Protection Bundle Will Help You:

  • Gain a powerful aura that is crucial for leadership
  • Helps you gain "strength" and "weight" in Feng Shui terms so you will be able to command attention from others
  • Adjust your energy so that people adhere to what you say
  • Remove negative energy in home and office
  • Protect you against "little people" who are trying to harm you

Total Power, Authority And Protection Bundle Value: $300

Total Power, Authority And Protection Bundle Limited Time Price Now: $97

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"A stunning bracelet, so comfortable and light to wear. You’ll find people comment on how lovely it is. Thank you" - Madeleine F.

"After I started wearing the bracelets I started receiving money from my children who never sent me anything before unless it’s birthday or Christmas. Thank you for the good fortune that you shared with me." - Annie G.

"This is actually my 3rd time to order from buddha power and i always like the item that i order." - Gloriosa C.

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