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Home Decor - Crystal Glass Liuli Vajrasattva Buddha Statue
Home Decor - Crystal Glass Liuli Vajrasattva Buddha Statue
Home Decor - Crystal Glass Liuli Vajrasattva Buddha Statue

Crystal Glass Liuli Vajrasattva Buddha Statue

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Vajrasattva is the bodhisattva of purification and represents the purity of awareness or ultimate reality. He is the supreme deity whose blessings enables us to purify negativities and obscurations.

Vajrasattva sits serenely in the position of the diamond, his right-hand holds a vajra to the heart, symbol of his effective means, while his left hand holds a bell, the handle vajra, a symbol of wisdom, resting on the thigh near the next.

The Vajrasattva Buddha encompasses the ability to extinguish spiritual impurities such as negative karmic forces and tendencies in an effort to help sentient beings to a better rebirth or to reaching enlightenment.


  • Material: Glass
  • Size: 7.5x5x8cm

Product Features & Benefits: 

  • This can be a great gift for friends and relatives 
  • Beautiful and unique design, perfect for home and office decoration
  • It makes your life very light and easy and keeps you happy and peaceful inside in your heart and in your inner life
  • The Vajrasattva is regarded as having the ability to purify karma, bring peace, and cause enlightened activity in general

Package Inclusion: 

  • 1 x Crystal Glass Liuli Vajrasattva Buddha Statue

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