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Gold-dipped Raw Druzy Earrings

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Druzy crystals have been used to induce creativity and relaxation, as well as to help with emotional problems. The healing properties of Druzy crystals are basically the same as the gem material they are made of. They are great for promoting natural healing on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

The druzy helps its wearer to relax, thereby reducing stress levels. Some go so far as the claim that it can re-energize the body and be emotionally uplifting.


  • Shape: Round
  • Size:12mm x 12mm
  • Material: Alloy and Resin
  • Color: Green, Blue, Red, Pink


  • Glittery sparkle is a natural occurrence when tiny crystals form on top of the stone
  • These stones are truly beautiful and when the light hits them they're even more so
  • Quartz gemstone channels positive energy making these druzy earrings a very special gift for yourself or friend
  • The gem can help to open blocked energy and assist its wearer to find his or her own inner light. It can also help one to connect on all levels to their particular higher power

Package Inclusion: 

  • 1 x Gold-dipped Raw Druzy Earrings