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Natural Healing Stone Finger Bracelets

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Turquoise is a most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit and well-being of the body. It benefits the overall mood and emotion by balancing and inducing a sense of serenity and peace. Holding or wearing Turquoise helps restore depleted vitality and lifts sagging spirits. It relieves stress and brings a focus back to the center heart.

Turquoise is also reputed to be influenced by the physical condition of the person who wears it. It is thought to grow pale when its owner is sick or sad, lose all color when the person dies, and gradually recover its color when transferred to a new healthy owner, its color deepening each day.


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Alloy
  • Stone: Turquoise
  • Chain length: 25+5cm


  • It is suitable for different occasion
  • This can be a great gift for your loved ones
  • It relieves stress and brings the focus back to the center heart
  • Simple elegant bracelet makes you become more beautiful sexy and special
  • It is a stone of protection, strong and opaque, yet soothing to the touch, healing to the eye as if carved from an azure heaven and slipped to earth

Package Inclusion: 

  • 1 x Natural Healing Stone Finger Bracelets