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Bracelet - Natural Shungite Healing & Protection Bracelet

Natural Shungite Healing & Protection Bracelet

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Shungite has a very calming, steadying energy, which can be beneficial to anyone, in any walk of life. 

It is extremely beneficial in purification, grounding, healing, and protection.

It can be used for any of these purposes, alone or in combination, depending on your precise needs.

It can also amplify your general psychic power, which means that it can be used in conjunction with other stones or magical objects in order to strengthen them.

It’s not necessarily a stone of increased harmony and love, but shungite has a unique ability to “cut the BS” in interpersonal relationships and get right to the sources of any problems.

Improving your mood and your health simultaneously is one of the great healing properties of this stone.


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Product Details:

  • Item Type: Bracelets
  • Material: Natural Shungite
  • Length: 18cm-23cm
  • Beads Dia: 8mm
  • Gender: Unisex