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Premium Black Obsidian Talisman

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Black Obsidian is the stone of protection.

Also known as “Black Onyx”, Black Obsidian have Strong Curative Properties.

It protects anyone from negative influence while cleansing their body of negative energy.

For example, we all know someone negative that “drains our energy”. Black obsidian protects us against their negativity, shield us from their energy and protect our energy.

Black Obsidian will also open your root chakra in order to ground you.

This gorgeous necklace is also designed as the sacred geometry known as the Hexagram

The combination of the sacred geometry and the nature of the Obsidian make this necklace 5 to 10 time stronger. 

ATTENTION of others who sell cheap crystal. The quality of our product 100% verified.

Limited quantity. We sell out often. 

Consider buying 2+1 for yourself and for your father, mother, brother, sister or best friend.


Product Details:

Item Type: Pendant/Necklace/Talisman

Shape: Hexagram

Material: High-Quality Obsidian

Necklace type:  Adjustable Rope

Maximum Length: 28 inches (71 cm)

Obsidian Size: 3cm x 2.6cm x 0.9cm (picture on the right)