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Raw Gold Dipped Aqua Aura Necklace

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These crystals resonate strongly with a vibration that is powerful to aid communication and psychic gifts. These lovely stones have a very high and quite intense energy, that activates all of the chakras.

They have an excellent healing energy in the body, to cleanse and heal your auric field. Once the Aqua Aura Quartz crystals have calmed your emotional body and healed any holes in the auric field, they will then activate your chakras.


  • Color: Gold
  • Chain Length: 50cm
  • Pendant Size: 3.5cm
  • Material: Alloy+Natural Stone


  • A good choice for gift or decoration
  • A fashion and useful accessory to make you  beautiful
  • They are strong healing stones and are powerfully used in healing to intensify the vibration of other stones that you may wish to use them with. These stones are said to attract wealth and success and are strong stones to aid your spiritual growth.
  • This crystal's energy is particularly strong within the higher chakras, and this vibration has a powerful action to aid your communication abilities.
  • They are excellent stones to aid you to speak more easily and more truthfully with those with whom you may have relationships.
  • The lovely blue color of Aqua Aura Quartz is a clue to their strong capacity to aid your emotions and help you to feel calmer and more at peace emotionally.
  • They are known to aid you to let go of perceived limitations you may feel, and be able to speak the truth without fear.

     Package Inclusion: 

    • 1  x Raw Gold Dipped Aqua Aura Necklace