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Home Decor - Waterproof HD Printed Buddha Canvas Painting
Home Decor - Waterproof HD Printed Buddha Canvas Painting
Home Decor - Waterproof HD Printed Buddha Canvas Painting
Home Decor - Waterproof HD Printed Buddha Canvas Painting

Waterproof HD Printed Buddha Canvas Painting

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Buddha Paintings are always considered a symbol of prosperity, wealth and bliss. Paintings of Lord Buddha is also considered as a shield against sorrow and negative energy. It encourages people to strive for the sense of peace and enlightenment.

According to Vastu and Feng Shui cultures, keeping paintings of Buddha bring prosperity and fortune and increase the Flow of Chi. 

A Buddha wall decor is not just a beautiful piece of art, but an epitome of universal truth. Thrill your walls now with a stunning Buddha canvas painting!


  • Type: Canvas Printing
  • Form: Three-dimensional
  • Painting Material: High-quality canvas
  • Coating: UV, Water-proof, Moisture-proof


    • Size1: 10x15cmx2,10x20cmx2,10x25cmx1 (4x6x2,4x8inx2,4x10inx1)
    • Size2: 20x35cmx2,20x45cmx2,20x55cmx1 (8x14x2,8x18inx2,8x22inx1)
    • Size3: 30x40cmx2,30x60cmx2,30x80cmx1 (12x16x2,12x24inx2,12x32inx1)
    • Size4: 40x60cmx2,40x80cmx2,40x100cmx1 (16x24x2,16x32inx2,16x40inx1)

    Product Features & Benefits: 

    • A perfect wall decoration for living room and bed room
    • High Definition art work,printed on high quality canvas,a great gift idea for your relatives and friends
    • Placing the Buddha Paintings in work and study areas can help you achieve a state of emotional and psychological well-being.
    • Placing Buddha painting in the living room of your home or above the reception desk of your office can help bring peace, happiness, and prosperity into your home and business.
    • Placing the Buddha right opposite the main front door of a home or office intercepts harmful visitors and intruders. His image will stimulate a sense of mindfulness and blessings to all entering the space.
    • Placing the Buddha painting for home on a high level signifies you are showing respect and importance to the Lord Buddha, which will produce positive vibes within the entire surroundings

    Note: This item is printed on canvas, not hand painted, sold it without frames, you can buy a frame in your local frames shop or do it yourself.

    Package Inclusion: 

    • 1 x Waterproof HD Printed Buddha Canvas Painting