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Align Your Energy With The Universe

“Black obsidian is my favorite stone. And the fact that the Tibetan mantra for love and compassion is inscribed on each bead is amazing. This is a wonderful bracelet. I could feel the effects of it as soon as I put it on.”

Rebecca R.

"I cannot wait to purchase more! My life has been positively changing and I feel the power of the bravely already! I’m in love."

Melanie B.

"It’s so beautiful! I absolutely love it and it’s seriously keeping all the negative energy away. I feel so calm when I have it on and a lot of things that could have gone wrong for me lately would have gone wrong if I didn’t have this beautiful bracelet. I truly believe this."

Krupa R.

"My bracelet is beautiful. I didn’t expect it to be expensive looking. I am very satisfied."

Cheryl E.

Video review of our best seller

An exclusive video review of the Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet by our favorite YouTuber.