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Are Healing Crystals Real?

Adele suffered from horrible stage fright. 

When Katy Perry broke off with John Mayer, Madonna shared her love of crystals with her. 

And, Miranda Kerr is able to sleep soundly at night.

All of this is thanks to the healing power of crystals.

These precious gemstones are used as an alternative technique when traditional medicine doesn’t seem to be cutting it. 

The belief is that these crystals allow positive, healing energy to enter the body, while negative, disease-causing energy is pushed out. The crystal's energy properties work in harmony with our own body’s energy systems, to instill a balance in the body and the mind. 

When it comes to crystal healing, different stones have different healing properties.

  1. Green Eye Obsidian 
  • Forms a shield against negativity
  • Promotes strength, clarity, and compassion
  • Aids in digestion and detoxification
green eye obsidian healing bracelet
  1. Natural Garnet 
  • Attracts love and devotion and enhances sexuality
  • Revitalizes,  purifies and balances your energy
  • Regenerates the body and stimulates metabolism

natural garnet healing bracelet


  1. Red Agate Pixiu Energy 
  • Attracts success into your life
  • Awakens divination and psychic abilities
  • Soothes your nerves and muscles

red agate pixiu energy healing gold

  1. Natural Amethyst 
  • Protective, healing and purifying
  • Aids those with sleep problems and insomnia
  • Boosts hormone production, cleanses the blood and relieves pain and stress

natural amethyst charm healing bracelet 

  1. Luxury White Moonstone
  • Encourages inner growth and strength to move forward successfully
  • Promotes positive thinking, intuition, and inspiration
  • Soothes feelings f stress and instability

moonstone bracelet

During treatment sessions, crystals are placed on your body and aligned with the 7 chakra points. The stones may also be positioned depending on the symptoms of the patient. Or, the crystals may also be worn on the body or placed under pillows in order to absorb the positive energy it releases.  

Thousands of people swear by the healing power of crystals. And the positive results cannot be denied. So why not experience the power of healing crystals for yourself and discover the impact they could have on your life. 

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