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Attract Positive Energy in your Home and Life

Did you know that the practice of feng shui can bring positivity into your home? 

It also attracts wealth, improves your quality of life, your health, your relationships and your career as well. 

And even if you’ve already built your home and can’t make any more structural changes, you can still include certain feng shui aspects which are pretty basic and easy to follow.

Here are some practical tips to help you get the most out of your home. 

  1. Quit the clutter. It’s time to let go and say goodbye to the stuff you no longer love. Doing this systematically and in an organized way can be therapeutic and it will make you feel lighter afterwards. This will also help create harmonious feng shui energy in the house.
  2.  Let there be light and air. These two elements are crucial in achieving good feng shui energy (Chi) in your home. Make sure your surroundings are suffused with these. Keep the windows open to allow natural light inside. You can also add air-purifiers and use full-spectrum light bulbs.
  3.  No to negative symbols. Your home could be filled with symbols of your fears and challenges. Experiencing a lack of clarity? You might have stuff on your surfaces. Have self-esteem issues? Your mirrors might be hung too high, so you can’t  measure up. Single since birth? Are you surrounded by a single vase, a single chair or a single person in a picture? If these are present, replace them with items you want to attract.
  4.  Fix your squeaks. If your main door lets out a screech or creak  when you open or close it than this can affect your emotional state and well being. It’s possible that you are so used to hearing the sound that you don’t notice it anymore. Make sure to oil that hinge in order to create more positive energy when you enter or leave the house. Do the same for all your other doors.   
  5. Plant your plants. Having plants inside your home provides several feng shui benefits. It balances the water element and allows luck and good fortune to enter the home. It also purifies the air as it counteracts negative energy. If you plan to bring the outdoors into your home, choose plants that help balance energies to create a positive atmosphere. Lucky bamboo, money tree and jade plants are top choices for good luck.  

Always remember that although feng shui involves a lot of do's and don'ts the important thing is to have fun, enjoy the process and focus on building a positive connection with your home. 

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