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Feng Shui Cures and Fixes for a Happy 2020

It’s not too early to start preparing for the new year! In fact, it’s just the right timing so you can prepare all the necessary items for any changes you’ll be making because that’s what the year is about: changes. We’ve got a few suggestions to kickstart welcoming luck into all aspects of your life.


This is the year of relentlessly chasing after your dreams. Feel confident about seeing your goals materialize. If you’ve put in the work, expect your career to take a positive turn and see results this year. Lucky Star will be in the northeast and can bring great prosperity in your career, both in fame and fortune.

Fix: Lawsuits are a possibility when the front door, office or bedroom face the north. The Quarrel Star threatens to bring misfortune in your work relationships. A citrine pendant or pi yao bracelet would prevent these from happening. Red or purple sheets placed at the entrance of these rooms would help. Spend more time in the northeast segment of your home to activate the Lucky Star.


You’ll feel a greater need to save more this year to prepare for certain milestones in life. It could start as early as this year. You’d notice your Christmas shopping kept minimal. The Prosperous Star will be in the northwest direction so be sure to plan the layout in this orientation to attract wealth.

Fix: If there’s no door or window facing the northwest, place a chair or rearrange the bed so it’s pointing this way. Have a red or violet blanket by the door of this area to bring in more financial success.


Expect heightened passion, especially physically but more careful decision-making about commitment in relationships. This year will be relatively peaceful, except if your bed, front door or desk faces the north, where the Quarrel Star will be located for 2020. The Celebration Star in the West will bring a blossoming romance or a wedding.

Fix: Bring in nature element to the northern areas, particularly wood, like in plants, decoration, furniture or art. Also include metal items such as centerpieces or parts of fixtures. Activate the Celebration Star by arranging the western portion properly and keeping it tidy as well as roomy. Hang a Kylin décor and place a red carpet.


Practicality will also be affecting travel choices this year, where vacations would be centered on family bonding and getting the most experience out of every dollar. Outdoor holidays are going to be the popular choice. If you find yourself leaning towards a family camping trip, you know why. Take note of what part of the house faces the south as it’ll be affected by the Disaster Star.

Fix: Counter it with golden coins and carved wood like a statue or instrument. Pair them with items from the earth such as molded clay or plants in soil. A Lucky Feng Shui Pixiu Wealth & Protection Ring would also decrease the negative energy of the Disaster Star.


You’ll seek human company more this year but would end up feeling lonely in a crowd when misunderstandings occur. Pick your battles wisely and maintain a diplomatic stance. Relationships, even casual or work, will be rocky when the main entrance, bed or work area of the house is in the north, facing the Quarrel Star.

Fix: Wear a Lucky Pixiu Wealth Jade Bracelet to negate the effects of the Quarrel Star. If you can avoid spending a good amount of time in a day here such as sleeping or working, then do so. Also keep blue or green items away from the northern part of the house.


It’s a year of healthy living! You’re going to be eating the right food and being more active. Energy will increase towards the end of the year. Mental health will also improve. However, if the main entrance to your home faces the East, you’d be more vulnerable to illnesses and accidents. It’s where the Sickness Star will be positioned this year.

Fix: Lay a white or gray carpet near the entrance and replace soil-based plants with aquatic ones. Avoid taking any risks that may place you in physical harm. Add a citrine money tree in this part of the house for new luck and wealth.

Remember, everything comes from energy. Small actions create ripples that form waves. You decide what kind of ripple you want to set off.

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