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Feng Shui Your Way: How to Keep the Good Energy Flowing

Feng shui is the method of harmonizing one’s life through a proper arrangement of materials to bring good energy (or sheng chi) into the home or workspace. Your ultimate goal is to transform your current state of home into your desired one through positive energy.

This article has to be arranged well, too, so let’s start with the question: where should we start?

Where You Should Start:

  1. Home office: Yes, your desk is important in feng shui. Your desk and chair should be positioned further from the door and not in line with it. Your desk should have good energy associated with it, too. A Crystal Lotus Flower will emit good chi and give you peace of mind in your stressful workplace. Plus, they give off a wonderful shine when placed under sunlight!
  2. Bedroom: Same as the desk, avoid having the bed directly in line with the door as the ancient Chinese believed it resembled a coffin. Mind your electronics as well. These items bring high electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and destroy the sheng chi of the room. Opt for a relaxing space instead. A Buddha Feng Shui Lucky Incense Burner will repel negative forces that bring evil into the house.
  3. On your body: Don’t forget about those accessories! You bring along with you what you wear, so they also need sheng chi. The feng shui lucky garden necklace with its two sprouts and butterfly symbolizes new beginnings and new life coming into the world. It is your little garden.


What You Should Use:

Feng shui cures help remediate energy flow in your home.

  1. Crystals: The naked eye sees crystals as simply beautifiers, but they also bring sunlight and chi into the home. Crystal Pyramid Ornaments, in particular, stand for good fortune and better luck in life. They are considered blessings to whoever has them.
  2. Auspicious symbols: The range of talismans is wide: you can go for lucky bamboo, lucky dogs, Buddha, dragon statues, etc. The use of color and art strongly affect your home’s feng shui. The color gold radiates a lot of good energy and wealth in the home. Thus, a Gold Sycee, which is a symbol of prosperity and fortune, checks all the marks in what you need for a wealthy home.
  3. Water: The ancient Chinese believed that water is a symbol of wealth. Thus, bathrooms must always be kept closed to avoid the abundance of wealth from leaving. Water imagery is also important to bring awesome energy in your house. The Feng Shui Lotus Waterfall, which depicts a serene, calming flow of water on lotus flowers, definitely ensures universal abundance in your harmonious home!

Now that you know the feng shui tips, you can tip your hat to good energy as you welcome it in your home.

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