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How Citrine Crystals Can Improve Your Life

In your ongoing search for crystals, have you ever come across yellow quartz whose shape is like a triangular pyramid? If you have, then consider yourself lucky because you have chanced upon a citrine crystal, widely known for a range of benefits and positive features and vibrations. 

Citrine, comes from the word citron, named for its similarity in color to the citrus fruit. And like all healing crystals, this bright, golden one has the power to make a positive difference in your life. 

Here are some ways it can do that:

1. Citrine crystals are most known for manifesting prosperity and abundance.  In order to attract this, spend time imagining prosperity while wearing this crystal.  Its energy will boost your imagination process to attract abundance towards you.  Also, to manifest while you sleep, put it under your pillow.


2. These crystals balance the energy in your solar plexus, also known as the personal power chakra or the seat of the will.  This means that it will improve your self-respect and self-esteem. This will allow you to use your powers in a reasonable and proper way.  And it will give you more control over how you really want your life to turn out. 


3. All the bright light given off by citrine crystals helps to dispel negativity and encourage optimism.  It drives out darkness, fear, and anxiety.  It promotes goodwill and nice feelings. In fact, citrine is believed to be able to transform negative energy into positive vibrations. By helping you let go of fear, it allows you to welcome positive things into your life. 


4. They are known to have healing properties, not just emotionally or psychologically but physically as well. They detoxify our system and assist in the treatment of digestive issues. It gives off a powerful energy that strengthens your immune system and generally your entire metabolism. 


5. Citrine boosts your mental power as well as your creativity. It helps you focus and opens your mind to new thoughts. It also opens up your third eye chakra and allows you to think more clearly.  The color yellow of this crystal is connected to being able to perform logical thinking as well as intellectual work. 

Now that you know about all the benefits you can get from Citrine, the best ways to use them is as personal jewelry, so as to keep its powerful energy close to your body, or by displaying it in your home. It's usually placed in the far left corner from the main entrance door of the house. So go ahead and discover the good citrine can do in your life. 

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