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How FengShui Changed My Life

Dear Garma,

A year ago from today, I was in a place where nothing felt right—nowhere close to my financial goals. I wasn’t dating anyone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, much less raise a family together. I couldn’t travel the world. I didn’t have the time to work out or live healthier. I felt stuck in all areas of my life and that feeling overwhelmed me day in and day out. Thankfully, I happened to meet a friend over lunch who’d hired a Feng Shui consultant.

She was over the moon about it because she’d been starting to experience results within months after she took the consultant’s advice. Let me be honest. I wasn’t cynical but I was as much a skeptic as the average person when it comes to talks of spirituality and anything that sounds mildly superstitious. But my frustration was bottling up.

My friend, who was already completely into it, assured me I could start small. I figured there wasn’t much to lose. The worst-case scenario was I’d lose a few dollars and feel silly in the end. I can afford a small sting to my pride. Doesn’t every ambitious person get more than a few in pursuit of a more fulfilling life?

I found myself on Buddha Power Store after scouring the internet for Feng Shui ornaments and jewelry. This was the part of Feng Shui that drew me in because it wasn’t different from shopping for home items and accessories, except that these would manifest my dreams. The designs surprised me! I didn’t expect the ornaments to look so decorative and the jewelry to be so wearable! I had so much fun browsing through the items.

Since the major part of my friend’s experience seemed to have the home as the main point, my purchases focused on sprucing up mine. I made sure to include flowing water, vibrant green plants, a wind chime, incenseand some gold. To make sure I always carried a bit of feng shui with me, I included a gold ring, which goes with just about any of my outfits. I also made sure to tidy up, as my friend told me to, making sure to get rid of stuff from past relationships and anything that didn’t bring happiness. (Goodbye, brooding music!)

My life began to change after that. I was getting noticed at work and getting better opportunities for career growth, like joining more senior officers for a meeting on a project and working on that project. I’m less prone to stress, and I’m now calmer and more optimistic. I’ve also been able to find affordable organic food and health products. My dating life has become more exciting with a lot of possibilities.

I’m still not there yet but now I’ve seen progress. Because of this, I’ve been buying more stuff from BPS as gifts for my entire family and my closest friends. I can’t wait to incorporate more Feng Shui into my life and get even closer to the life I’ve always wanted! I hope more and more people do, too.

Thank you very much Buddha Power Store!

To good luck and abundance,


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