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Jade and Healing

Did you know that jade is considered the most valuable gemstone in China?  It is ranked above all over gemstones and metals by the Chinese. They considered this revered stone as a symbol of 5 essential virtues - compassion, wisdom, justice, courage, and modesty. 

Although jade is admittedly very important in Chinese culture, this stone is just as popular and sought after the world over.  One reason is due to jade’s many healing properties. It is known to provide calm and balance in one’s life.  

Here are some ways jade can bring you back towards the path of healing. 

Emotional Healing

  • Jade has a calming and soothing effect. It comforts and eliminates fear
  • It helps the heart be more compassionate  and helps it make the right decisions
  • Jade helps you realize your personal dreams and ambitions by boosting your confidence and encouraging self-sufficiency

Physical Healing

  • Jade helps heal the kidneys and liver by getting rid of toxins and excess fluid. It also helps the body expel stones  as well 
  • Jade helps heal the skeletal systems and tissues, it reduces pain associated with cramps, problems of the joints and bones, and if the source of pain is in the hips 
  • Jade lessens the tension in facial muscles to smooth out wrinkles. It  boosts blood circulation, reduces swelling and removes under-eye circles and puffiness  

Spiritual Healing

  • Wearing jade gemstones is said to provide protection from deceitful or harmful entities from the spirit world
  • It allows an abundance of Divine energy to flow into one’s life
  • Jade is a useful stone during healing rituals and ceremonies and may be used as an altarpiece for prayer and meditation.

So if you’re in search of some holistic healing, make wearing jade a part of your life.

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