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Let's talk about JADE

When it comes to crystals, jade is one of the more popular and recognizable ones. It’s been around for thousands of years and has been used for jewelry and statues since 4000 BC.

 It was also used to make all sorts of sharp and pointed weapons like ax heads and knives in the ancient British Isles. Legend has it that during the early days, man did not have any means to fight off wild animals. So the Storm God conjured axes with jade taken from a rainbow. He left them on the ground so that humans could find them and use them as weapons.   

Jade is considered a very precious gemstone in China due to its beauty and its ability to heal and protect its owner. It is also called the ultimate “Dream Stone”  which encourage creativity and aids in dream interpretations. Jade is also a powerful talisman that is believed to ensure long life and a peaceful death. 

Because jade is considered a healing stone, it can positively affect several aspects of a person’s life. 


  • Allows an abundance of divine energy to flow into one’s life 
  • Provides protection from evil entities of the spirit world
  • Represents nobility in rank, ideals and spiritual beliefs
  • Helps gain access to the spiritual world 
  • Imparts ritualistic knowledge


  • Eliminates negativity and reduces irritability
  • Dreams become clearer,  more insightful and can easily be recalled
  • Helps one achieve ambitions, ideals, and desires
  • Boosts confidence and  self-love while encouraging self-sufficiency
  • Improves dysfunctional relationships and encourages happiness and harmony


  • Assists the renal system to expel stones in the kidney and spleen and helps one recover
  • Removes toxins and excess fluid while normalizing the body’s pH levels
  • Bones, joints, and hip ailments are relieved
  • Helps rebuild the skeletal system and reduces pain
  • Helps with reproductive problems and childbirth

 Another physical benefit that can be attributed to jade is firmer, more youthful skin, using a jade face roller. This practice of massaging your face with a jade roller has been done for centuries.  It relaxes the facial muscles and provides a cooling sensation. It is said to work by helping remove fluid which has pooled under the skin, creating a depuffing effect. Other skin benefits include sculping, toning, firming, enhanced blood circulation, reducing fine lines, improving elasticity, detoxifying, and making skin glow. 

Not bad for a stone that’s been around for thousands of years. So the next time you buy a crystal, consider jade and all its powerful benefits. 


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