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The Gorgeous Colors of Garnet

To those of you who are familiar with crystals, you probably already know that garnet is most commonly identified as a dark red crystal. In fact, the origin of the word is from the Latin word “granatum” which means pomegranate, and it refers to the ruby red seeds of the fruit.

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But, the crystal garnet actually comes in a rainbow of colors. What gives them their distinctive colors is their chemical composition.  

There are 2 groups of garnet (calcium and magnesium garnets)  and 6 types classified according to color:

  • Almandine and Pyrope.  Both are red in color making them the more familiar ones. The brown undertones of almandine increase one’s willpower against anything negative. 
  • Spessartite. Most commonly orange in color, this garnet helps you become analytical and gives you the confidence to move forward in life. It also radiates energy. 
  • Grossular. The most common color is green but can also be gold, orange or yellow. It is all about self-empowerment, hope, and a connection to Mother Earth. 
  • Andradite. This comes in olive green, black or yellow and is strongly associated with the spiritual realm. It enables higher thinking and provides safety and strength. 
  • Uvarovite. It’s emerald green color helps attract wealth, prosperity and the bounty of the universe. 

A rare color of garnet is blue. In fact, some books say it doesn’t exist. But only recently, blue garnets were unearthed in Tanzania, making this gemstone truly rare and unique. 

No matter what color of garnet you choose, each gemstone is brimming with its own unique, powerful properties. And all of them look equally beautiful as well. 

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