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Your Feng Shui Lucky Colors Based on Your Chinese Zodiac!

Want to seal your good luck for all 365 days of your year? Give your sacred space a makeover so you’re surrounded by them from the moment your day starts until you shut your eyes for the night. A home that adheres to Feng Shui will keep attracting love, harmony, abundance and more while you sleep. Here are the colors you need this year, according to your zodiac sign:


Rat – Green, Carnation, Blue and Yellow

Turn your home into a soft meadow escape this year. 

Ox – Red, Purple

You’ve got an impassioned 2019 ahead of you.

 Tiger – White, Beige, Cream, Green

“Summer in Bali” all year round!

Rabbit – Red, Indigo, Pink

Cultivate that nurturing leader in you.

 Dragon – Silver, Steel Gray, Brown

Show off your winning taste for simple sophistication. 

Snake – Green, Red, Butter Yellow

Look forward to success this year!

Horse – Sunshine, Evergreen, Maroon

Keep that zeal for learning ablaze.

Goat – Powder blue, Red, Purple

It’s a trip on cloud nine because 2019 will be luxurious.

 Monkey – White, Pink, Blue

Your home will be the ideal environment for creating lifelong relationships.

 Rooster – Yellow, Earth Brown, Cyan

Your dependable nature will be the refreshing change people need.

 Dog – Beige, Green, Blue

Prioritizing destressing and shaking off negative energy.

 Pig – Metal Gray, White, Yellow

Give your conservative and gentle character a place where it can freely be.

The wind blows differently across every land and change through the seasons. Just like the wind, your life changes from one stage to another. Linger in the moments of peace as you prepare to greet the shifting in your circumstances and connections. Knowing the right color to match your present brings healing and balance to your body and various aspects of life.


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