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Freshwater Pearls Charm Bracelet - Buddha Power Store
Freshwater Pearls Charm Bracelet - Buddha Power Store
Freshwater Pearls Charm Bracelet - Buddha Power Store
Freshwater Pearls Charm Bracelet - Buddha Power Store
Freshwater Pearls Charm Bracelet - Buddha Power Store

Freshwater Pearls Charm Bracelet

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What Does The Freshwater Pearl Symbolize?

Freshwater Pearl symbolizes the following:

  • Peace and tranquility: A pearl necklace symbolizes peace and quiet. It can help you find your inner calm and bring peace to your life. The powerful energy of the pearl will help you stay calm in times of stress, which can be very useful if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.
  • Humility and simplicity: Pearl earring is a symbol of modesty and simplicity. It represents the beauty that can be found in everyday life rather than glamour and glitz. This quality can help you feel satisfied with what you have rather than constantly striving for more money or material possessions.
  • Purity, innocence, and kindness: A pearl symbolizes purity, integrity, and compassion. It represents your inner child and the joy that can be found in playfulness. This quality can help you to see the good in everyone around you instead of focusing on their flaws.
  • Motherhood, fertility, and childbirth: A pearl symbolizes motherhood, fertility, and birth. It represents the love between a child and mother and the potential for new life. This quality can help you feel connected to your mother and children, as well as other women who are also mothers.
  • Good fortune, protection, and happiness: A pearl symbolizes good luck, safety, and happiness. It represents the joy that can be found in simplicity and nature. This quality can help you find balance in your life and appreciate what you have instead of seeking more material things.
  • Longevity: A pearl is a symbol of longevity. It represents the enduring nature of love and friendship. This quality can help you feel connected to those who have passed away, as well as those who are still living.

Product specs:

Item Type:
Material: Freshwater cultured pearls
Purity, peace, tranquility, love, and harmony
Bead Size:
Gender: Unisex

1 x Freshwater Pearls Charm Bracelet

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