Tibetan Thangka Eight Medicine Buddha Wood Scroll

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    Medicine Buddha Thangka Scroll is also known as Healing Buddha. It is also called as Bhaisajya guru in Tibetan tradition. It is an ancient belief that by worshiping this deity you will be spiritually, mentally, and physically healed.


    The Supreme Healer

    The Medicine Buddha, or Bhaisajyaguru, is the Buddha of Healing. Meditating on the Medicine Buddha is considered to be a powerful method for increasing healing powers, allowing practitioners to alleviate their own sufferings as well as those of others.

    Through his boundless compassion and generosity, Bhaisajyaguru helps sincere seekers overcome physical illness and infirmity. But even more importantly, the Buddha is the skillful doctor who heals the great disease afflicting all sentient beings. By providing the Dharma as a profound antidote to the poisons of attachment, hatred and ignorance, he lifts the veil of delusion and points the way to freedom.

    Gestures and Attributes

    The Buddha has depicted with his right hand extended downward, palm open, with thumb and index finger touching. This posture is known as Varada Mudra, or the gesture of granting wishes.

    This mudra symbolizes  Bhaisajyaguru's kindness, charity, and compassion toward all beingsIn the same hand, he lightly grasps a sprig of the Myrobalan plant, an important healing herb in Ayurvedic medicine. It is believed that this plant has the power not only to heal the body, but also to free one from the inner sicknesses of attachment, hatred, and ignorance.

    His left-hand lies in his lap with palm upward in the gesture of meditation ( Dhyana Mudra ), representing the eradication of all sickness and suffering through the realization of absolute truth. In the same hand, he holds the traditional begging bowl of an ordained Buddhist monk. The bowl contains a sacred medicinal nectar that cures all ills, hindrances, and obstacles.

    Creates Peaceful Environment

    Thangka is a Buddhist Painting perfect for your Meditation Altar and wall Art decoration. Place it in your living room wall and turn it into Buddhist environment. It creates a peaceful environment and inspires you to be more compassionate kind and even encourage you to do meditate or do your prayers with even more dedication and grace. You can place this thangka on the walls when you are doing Tara pooja as well.

    Religious Painting

    Tibetan Thangka painting is first and foremost a kind of religious painting which is also known as Pauba painting in Newari. Thangkas are the Tibetan version of ancient Buddhist scroll paintings practices since Buddha’s era in Nepal.


    • Material: High-quality Canvas, Silk brocade, Wood scroll.
    • Process: High quality Printed
    • Origin: Tibet
    • Size: length 32cm/13", width 21cm/8.3"

    Product Includes:

    • 1 x Tibetan Thangka Eight Medicine Buddha Wood Scroll

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